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Level 7

Roku 4: System Update Not Working - crashes Roku

I own a Roku 4 and aside from the numerous other problems mentioned by others in the forums (youtube not working, various other apps not responding at all, etc...) I am having a problem with system update.

When I attempt a system update, it appears to start normally (circle spinning showing 'checking for new software')... After 20 seconds or so the spinning circle freezes... the Roku becomes non-responsive, then the roku reboots on its own. After this reboot, half the time the roku reappears back to the normal main menu; while the other half of the time the screen goes totally black and the roku is totally unresponsive.

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Level 20

Re: Roku 4: System Update Not Working - crashes Roku

Try a Factory Reset:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Factory reset

(or hold the reset button for at least 30 seconds with the Roku powered on)

You'll need to set it/apps up again of course.

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