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Roku Guru

Re: 💡 OS 13 Announced! Learn more here

Having the same issue, the icons for Plex and Amazon Prime won't show. I had to reboot my Roku after the update to get them to appear, I used the code for a full reboot and clean.

Home x5


Rewind x2

Fast Forwardx2

After that all icons appeared properly.

After the update my Roku Ultra is giving me the option for Large and Small tiles but neither of my Roku Streaming Sticks are showing that option even though they are all up do date, it is very annoying. The small tiles are so much better I can actually see all 14 of my apps on the screen at once without having to scroll down anymore. I want to be able to have it this way on all my Roku devices.

Another thing, my icon for YouTube changed to red on two of my Rokus, but it's still showing the old white icon on other Rokus even though they are all up to date. I don't understand why things don't match after being updated. That red icon looks like garbage too the old one was better. I remember they used that red one many years back and I can't believe YouTube would want to switch back to it.

Also after the update now I am getting a large ad in the lower left corner of the screen when selecting the left side options, very annoying. Roku just can't resist shoving more ads in our faces can they?

Roku Guru

Re: 💡 OS 13 Announced! Learn more here

No need to do a hard reset. Just play once, then a normal restart. I also noticed that toggling between the two tile sizes may also bring them back. On one recently updated Roku, it was fine in 3x tile, but some were missing in 4x. I didn't even need to reboot. Just play once, then toggle tile size back and forth should force a refresh.

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Roku Guru

Re: 💡 OS 13 Announced! Learn more here

You can't just toggle back and forth between large and small tile icons because not all Rokus are showing that option in the setting, as I described above. Reboot your device and it will show the icons.

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Re: Lost icons on Home Screen

Apparently you guys haven't done diddly squat. It's the middle of 2024 and I just hooked up my BRAND NEW Roku Express and it's giving me all kinds of issues, including multiple channel icons not appearing... just blank. So, this is the current quality of your products? I think I'll be sending this junk back for a refund and hook my old Roku 3. At least it works.

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Generic icons for some apps

UPDATE: 5/27/24 - issue has self resolved. Maybe the new Roku device needed time to fully download the logo icons    

Just set up new Roku Ultra on TCL TV. 

Icons are on Home Screen, but several are generic.  For example Amazon Prime and ESPN are generic.  Yet others like Hulu, Disney, etc display correctly.  

The generic icons do work.  But would prefer to see the standard logos for each app.  

edit:  just noticed some icons that were displaying switched to generic   

I have updated the Roku and TCL software and the generic app icons and tried turning tv off/on.   

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Generic icons for some apps

There have been a lot of reports of this.  Several people have said that moving an icon on the Home Screen using the menu that pops up when you highlight the icon and press * on your remote gets it to appear.  You can always move it back.

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Not applicable

Missing tiles on Ultra. I have did a factory reset Didn’t work plus I did a restart and unplugged it



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Re: Missing tiles / icons on Home Screen

This started happening on both my Rokus. I have a sound bar and a stream bar. I rebooted one and the apps that were missing icons came back, but others went away.  A second reboot and they are all back. 

I would send you a pic, but I don’t see an option to attach an image.  The app is there and functions, but the icon is the missing image icon looks like a greyed outline of mountains with a sun, takes up  about 1/9 of the icon location in the center of the square. 

Channel Surfer

Re: Lost icons on Home Screen

I just switched over to my four year old Premier 3920RW, running 13.0.0 build 24056-91, and after watching the end of the Yankees game on MLB.TV, I went to go watch something on Apple TV when I noticed that my Amazon Prime app tile was gone, with a generic looking “blank page” picture in its place. 

I tried an update of the app, and of the Roku itself. The problem persisted.

I then went to settings-home screen-tile size, and switched to smaller. When I went back to the Home Screen, it refreshed the Amazon shortcut. I then went back, and toggled again to larger, and the Prime Video tile was back to normal. Apparently, switching the tile size causes the picture to re-render. 

I have no idea if this issue is resolved for good, or if it will present again. We’ll see. 

In the mean time, I hope this helps someone. 


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Reel Rookie

Re: Missing tiles / icons on Home Screen




Same problem here and more under screen savers.



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