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Re: Let us roll back! 9.4 broke a lot

Our Roku masters have determined that this update was in our best interest.  Whether our device works properly is irrelevant.  Our desires are irrelevant.  The happiness of our Roku masters is all that matters.

Here's how it works: 

1)        Roku developers break something on your Roku via an unnecessary software update without your consent/approval;

2)        You complain about it and they do nothing:

3)        You work with other Roku posters to come up with a solution that requires a great deal of effort and customization on your part;

4)        Your efforts result in a semi-workable solution that lets you utilize your Roku device for a month or two;

5)        Roku developers render your solution unworkable via another unnecessary software update without your consent/approval;

6)        Return to step 2.

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Re: Let us roll back! 9.4 broke a lot

My "wired" connection hasn't worked since the first 9.4 update on my 2800R Roku Ultras. One of the main reasons I bought a Roku Ultra was the wired Ethernet connection. I want maximum bandwidth to the Roku devices, and wired connections give me that. Not that wireless is terrible (wireless is 40-50Mb vs. wired of 70-80MB), but if I wanted just wireless, I could have bought a less expensive Roku or a competitors product. 

Roku, when are you going to fix this? I'm seriously considering trashing these and going with Apple TV device instead. They are more expensive, but Apple products actually work, and they have way better software quality than Roku, and when they do screw something up, they put an update out quickly to fix it. We've been waiting months for a 9.4 fix from Roku and it's all crickets all the time.

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Re: Let us roll back! 9.4 broke a lot

The story that needs to be told on product review sites (and maybe to class-action types) is how you can't use the last software version that worked for you. When my old Nexus 4 cellphone was no longer compatible with newer versions of Android, I was able to continue using an old (lollipop, or something) version for as long as my phone continues to work. I was forced into choosing between buggy/untested software, or disconnecting from cellular networks altoghether (and using my phone as an MP3 player, or a camera). 

Same thing with Windows 8 or 10. You could keep using Win XP or 7. You could even install an alternate (linux) os, and keep using your hardware. The choice wasn't a kick in the head, or disconnect from the internet and use your computer for word processing.

That's what's really stunning about what Roku "leadership" thinks is going to be a winning strategy. It is so preposterous that you have to wonder if their real goal is prepping the company for a quick buyout. Some kind of short-term lipstick-on-pig type of thing. It certainly doesn't look viable long-term.

That's what prospective customers need to be aware of (reviews on retail sites). It's basically a subscription tv. Or, throw the Roku part away when it breaks, and use external network-connected devices for streaming. There's no way to keep using it with some version of Roku that actually worked.

All of this looks like an impossible business model. Roku doesn't want to support various versions (and require app owners to navigate that nightmare too). But, neither does Roku want the responsibility of clean, reliable, stable upgrades. It's like they want it both ways. Reckless upgrades that leave people behind. AND the freedom from supporting prior versions (so people won't be left behind).

It's amazing anyone in a position of leadership would think this will be a winning strategy. The only thing protecting them is (apprently) the word of mouth hasn't reached full swing. If Redditors can kick hedge funds in the groin. Seems like Roku users could have some leverage.

"People are often amazed at how much we’ve done with the number of engineers we’ve got." (Roku CEO Anthony Wood, Austin Statesman, Oct 4, 2019). "Amazed" is one way of putting it.
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Re: Let us roll back! 9.4 broke a lot

I’ve got a solution just use the firestick most of us have in the drawer somewhere and phook roku. I’m not a fan of the firestick but at least I can adjust the volume. Is this rokus way of telling me I need to buy the newest roku remote that just came out?

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Re: Let us roll back! 9.4 broke a lot

I have been using an android box for over a month, (Ematic) replacing my roku4. I still have IR remote and toslink audio. What a difference. Just watch TV with no fear of random reboots and lockups. Just watch TV, and no more screaming wife. TV is back to relaxing. I was stupidly patient with roku for almost 2 years. Oh yea, I get to decide if I want to update the system, one less master in my life!!

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