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DAZN on Safari won't work with AirPlay

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 3.27.57 PM (2).png

I watch DAZN with VPN. I used to connect my MacBook Air (Early 2020) to the TV (Samsung UN40H6350AF) with an adapter and HDMI cable. At times the video wouldn't show up but I could hear the audio from the TV. However, a quick unplug/plug back in would fix the issue. 

Bought a Roku Express 4K+ mainly to AirPlay. Unfortunately, the video issue (see photo) persists and I cannot resolve it. I've tried DAZN without the VPN, I've used the HDMI cable provided with the Roku and the one I used with my adapter, and I have also updated my Mac from Big Sur to Monterrey. No luck. 

Chrome does work albeit quite choppily. 

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