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Connecting Roku to Google Home overpowers Chromecast devices.

Before I got a TCL Roku TV I had used TVs that had Chromecast built-in or I bought a Chromecast. Having a Google Nest/Home device in each room that had a TV was nice because I could tell the Google Nest/Home to turn on the tv and it would turn on the tv in that room. Well, when I put a TCL Roku TV and connected my Roku account to Google Home all the Home/Nest devices want to control the Roku. I now have to specify "Turn on the Living Room TV" or "Turn on the Front Room TV" to control Chromecast TVs. It's starting to get annoying. Any ideas on how to get this to stop?

Level 7

Re: Connecting Roku to Google Home overpowers Chromecast devices.

Same problem here. Although I have the new "Chromecast with Google TV" assigned to my Google Home Mini, in the same room, and even set as the Mini's default display, the Mini gets confused when I tell it to turn on or off the TV.

I had to unlink Roku from my Google Home account in order to get things sorted.

Even in my parents' home, Roku does this. They have a Smartcast TV in their living room set as the room's default. But they must specify "Family Room TV" or else their Mini tries to control the Roku stick in the other room.

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