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Changing Roku Display to 720, Will It Help Bandwidth Usage?

We just cut the cord last month.  Previously through Xfinity Internet, we used about 400-500gb data per month.  This past month, we are almost at our limit 1.2tb.  The only thing that has changed is we are now 100% streaming our TV services.  YouTubeTV, NetFlix, Disney +, Peacock.  I checked our Roku display settings and it was at automatic, selecting 1080 for viewing.  I've changed that to 720 and it says something about "the hdmi port will now stream 720."  

My question is, will this help with bandwidth reduction (the quality is fine for my liking, not much difference that I see from the 1080).  Will this globally reduce across all my apps, or do I need to go change settings in YouTubeTV, Netflix, Disney +, etc?

We are not having any issues sharing devices at the same time, etc.  Just looking to reduce bandwidth overall to keep under 1.2tb monthly.

Thank you in advance and happy holidays!

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