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4k Screensaver

Ok so this is a strange one, I hope I can explain it properly.

I recently upgraded to from a Roku 4 (legacy device) to the the new 2020 Roku Ultra. On my old Roku 4 I had the 4K UHD Nature photos set as my screensaver. It was great because I it had several different photos (Marge 6 or 7) and it would cycle between them. 

I enabled that same screensaver on my Roku Ultra and it only cycles between 2 photos. Even when I go to the screen saver settings it's only shows 2 photos. I want more photos. I downloaded separate Screensaver from the ones they had available.

Now here is the crazy part. I was just looking through the Screensaver settings again, and happened to look again at the 4k UHD Nature ones. And this time several of photos showed up. I assumed that the issue had fixed itself. So I re enabled the 4K UHD screen saver and ran into the same problem. Even in the settings it only showed the 2 photos.

So can anyone explain this craziness? It makes 0 sense to me. As far as I know I have the latest software and everything. 

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