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Level 8

10.5.0 breaks Roku Ultra 4660X

Netflix works, but not Prime, Disney, HBO, Paramount, or Apple. I tried wireless and ethernet. Both connected, but did not fix issue. I got a second update that said it was updating 4 apps - did not fix the issue for any app.

Roku Ultra 4660X; Serial #  =YJ000T532080; build version 10.5.0 4201-46; ID = CK37A0532080 

My provider is Xfinity. No MicroSD is installed. 
Can you roll me back to the firmware version that works? 


Level 7

Re: 10.5.0 breaks Roku Ultra 4660X

I looked this up when the error happened to me and they recommended clearing your Roku's cache. It's number 3 on this list. I followed the steps and it did fix my problem. I'd say give it a shot before doing anything drastic like factory resetting your Roku. I have a Roku Ultra 4670x.

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