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Reel Rookie

Onn Roku TV restarts randomly

Issue began first thing this morning Not 100% it was the update but Last update: 5/28/24 10:56am and no other messages.  Turns off weather watching or just on home menu. Went through the soft reset then to the factory reset.  Check power source, manual reset on side of tv.  Started when I turned first powered on device and prompted to register like when I bought the unit then froze until after resetting about five times.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Onn Roku TV restarts randomly

Report tracker

issue ID 47-237-769

GC version 11.7.22

software version: 13.0.0 * build 24062-at

Still resets randomly and turns on/off if not unplugged.  Anyone with suggestions. No other messages showing, only know how to retrieve report tracker.  Thanks Rodney 

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Re: Onn Roku TV restarts randomly

Free subscription 

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Roku Tv Blank Screen on Boot


Roku Tv boots to a blank screen. Home or Back buttons do not bring up any menus. Only buttons that boot applications is Apple TV and Roku Channel.

Troubleshooting performed:

Ran recovery mode 3 times using the physical push button at the rear of the unit.

Issue ID/Serial number/Software version and build:

GH-239-104/X00700J7VPGH/13.0.0 build 24062-CP

Channel software version, if applicable: N/A

Anything else we should know?: N/A

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Re: 50” Hisense Roku TV Keeps Rebooting

I went thru all trouble shooting tips none of them worked. So I took off the back panel,10 short screws. And take legs off first. It has 1 main board. You will see 2 capacitors at  the top, they look like 2 little pop cans side by side. Look at the tops of them . 1 of them is probably expanded or oval,this means it's bad. Take a solder iron heat the back of its legs to pull it out. Replace with new one. Get it on amazon for $8. 10uf 400 volt 105 temp. Don't be scared. It takes 20 minutes and you will have saved $300.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Roku Tv Blank Screen on Boot


Verify that your RokuTV is configured to boot to your Home Screen rather than an Input or an (empty) Antenna/OTA channel.

You can find this under Settings/System/Power/Power On/[Home Screen]

The setting under "Power On" will be what is shown when you turn on the RokuTV.  In the above case, the [Home Screen] will be shown.

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Re: 50” Hisense Roku TV Keeps Rebooting

My television is doing the same thing. It’s only my Roku televisions that I am having this problem with. I did a factory rest and changed the source of power and it still keeps resetting in the middle of my tv shows. 

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Re: 50” Hisense Roku TV Keeps Rebooting

Mine started doing this about 2 weeks ago. Nothing seems to fix it. I notice that the software updated a week or so before the issue began.

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Reel Rookie

Hisense roku boot loop

I've had my 65" hisense roku tv since feb 2020. About a week ago I turned it on, and the hisense roku screen came on for a couple of seconds, then black screen for several seconds. This keeps repeating.

After many web searches I reset with the button on the back, I long pressed the power button while plugged out, I tried a different outlet, I changed the remote batteries, etc etc.

I came to the conclusion that it needs a firmware update because it is in a boot loop

After 3 attempts on hold to hisense totalling over 2.5 hours, I finally got through to someone, who went through a generic troubleshoot, then told me it was a roku issue. I contacted roku customer service, who did the same types of troubleshoots, then told me it was a hisense issue.

I called hisense again and told them that roku insists it is a hisense issue, and the rude agent argued with me for a while, then finally said my tv is too old for them to help me with anyway as it is out of warranty.

I called roku again, and they explained that any roku firmware needs to be loaded via an on screen menu, and, as my tv will not stay on long enough to get there in the first place, it is a hisense hardware issue.

In the meantime, hisense replied to my many emails telling me that it is a roku operating system, so roku need to fix it.

I got on to roku live chat and explained all of this and the agent told me to contact hisense.

So, my tv loops from home screen to black, and back again, and my customer care questions keep looping from hisense to roku and back again.

The only conclusion so far is that neither roku nor hisense back up their televisions enough to ever trust either of them again, and I seem to be stuck with a nonfunctioning tv that neither will help with. 

Has anyone been lucky enough to get further down this rabbit hole to a solution or have any more ideas on where to go next? 

If anyone has read this far, thanks for that at least anyway!!

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Hisense roku boot loop

I think the only thing you can do at this point is to start replacing circuit boards (if that's possible).  It seems that no company stands behind their products once the warranty runs out these days.

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