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Would the Roku Ultra benefit by a more stylish case design?

We love our Rok Ultra, but the overall case design has not changed for several generations now and is looking a little dated. 

The external case design is not as important as the software inside. But nothing speaks quality like when you unbox a new media player and see a nicely crafted, high-quality case.

The Nvidia SHIELD is one example of a nicely designed media streamer. And since the Ultra is Roku's flagship media streamer, a more luxurious modern styled case with a softly glowing purple LED would make it look even more attractive.

Throw in some black brushed aluminum along with mat finished soft touch rubber covering any plastic surfaces. And get rid of the shiny black plastic, which attracts dust and finger prints like a magnet. Then they could name it something more fitting like the Roku Ultra Pro, or simply a Roku Pro. Smiley Happy


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Level 14

Re: Would the Roku Ultra benefit by a more stylish case design?

To be more honest, most people don't really see the device after it's positioned where you want it permanently.   With my little Ultra, with the exceptions of moving it about for short distances, I really never look at the thing.  It sits high and pushed back a bit on a shelf just out of easy eye shot, yet still accessible if need to be checked or moved about.  I rather watch the programming it puts out rather than gawk at the device itself.  Although the only improvement I really like to see is more physical spacing between the hooked up cords.

It's pretty much just fine like it is.  

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