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User Name and FAQ Suggestion

How about adding "Country Location" after the username on posts?

Every day we see posts asking, "Why can't I find X-channel on my Roku?" We then have to ask the poster's country, because not every channel is available in every location. If the poster's country were added after user name, we could reply at once.

While we're at it, why not pin a FAQ to the top of every forum?

Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: User Name and FAQ Suggestion

Hi @davidjazz,

Thanks for the feedback.

We'll pass it along to the appropriate team.



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Re: User Name and FAQ Suggestion

the country part wouldn't really help ....  for example i develop channels for people from all over the world so my location is not relevant ,  also a developer can select where he wants his channel to be available ....  so again the country a user is in is not that relevant ......  

just saying ......... 

Building a TV Channel can be easy … if you have a right tools ===>>
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Level 14

Re: User Name and FAQ Suggestion

IMO, not a good idea.  Having one's even general information out there for all to see is not really safe in this New 🌎 World of potential stalkers and weirdos. 

I rather leave it up to the person to choose to post their own general location.  Not for this or  any other corporation to do it.  It's bad enough you are forced to enter your credit/debit card's number here.  Not with all the complaints about unauthorized withdrawals previously posted here.