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Re: Has anyone studied/researched Roku and their stock? Why is it performing poorly?

I personally feel like the closest Roku got to corporate "stupidity" with their channel store was the mixed messaging of Roku entry into gaming.  They promoted that customers would get a "free" copy of Angry Birds to keep with a Roku that came with a Roku gaming controller.

There was several issues with this:

* There was only one generation of the gaming controller which felt like a parody of a Wii controller and didn't perform as well

* For Angry Bird to perform well on the Roku it had to be coded with Roku's Native Developer Kit (NDK)

* The NDK was never released to the public, you already had to prove yourself as having an established game and then be invited to port it to Roku

* As a result while some game engines supported multiple platforms, Roku never was supported by a game engine

Eventually Roku just seem to dump the entire concept.  This seems to include having removed Angry Birds such that any Roku that went through a factory reset lost Angry Bird forever.

For anyone that feels the sting of the short lived Roku Gaming age, I think it is easy to be skeptical of Roku's "Premium audio made simple."  Is this another age of Roku that will pass?  Where is there a stated commitment from Roku to a long lifespan of the product?  Two or three years from now if the Streambar or Soundbar dies, will the customer be left with $500 of wireless speakers which are useless because the primary item is no longer sold or there is a newer model that is incompatible?

However, I think the height corporate stupidity for streaming device gaming is Google Stadia.  Alphabet/Google seem to have made many more mistakes of over promising and miscommunication than Roku ever did.

Back to Roku's stock, Motley Fool ran an article on May 11, 2022 titled "There are 61 Million Reasons to Buy Roku Stock. This Number May Be Even More Important."  I think the reasons given still apply now.  I'm not personally acting upon the article but I think it goes to what the OP is asking.

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Re: Has anyone studied/researched Roku and their stock? Why is it performing poorly?

The Roku made a lousy gaming platform, and they realized that wasn't a good direction to go. They couldn't compete with the Wii, let alone the Playstation or XBox. Even the Nvidia Shield is a better gaming platform. Angry Birds worked OK on my Roku 2 XS, but it was/is far more enjoyable on my phone or tablet. Continuing as a gaming platform would mean they couldn't sell their players at a price point that made sense.

Gaming requires significant graphics and CPU processing power, neither of which any Roku device has in abundance. I think it was the right business decision to forego gaming support and instead concentrate on Internet streaming. Other than a few providers that still have trouble programming their Roku channels correctly (Hulu and Paramount+ are two biggies), there's still none better than a Roku for streaming from the Internet. My $30 Premiere does a better job than my $200 Shield for most uses. Local streaming is the only weak spot for Roku. Yes, there are some hiccups with the present version of the Roku OS. But I have no doubt Roku will get them ironed out eventually. 


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Re: Has anyone studied/researched Roku and their stock? Why is it performing poorly?

I can't tell you the number of times my [major tech company] employer had hundreds to thousands of people working on some grand new product for years, only to see it go poof, sometimes right before they were about to release it.  Other times it would get released, and demand turned out to be a thousand-fold higher or lower than the highfalutin marketing studies had predicted.  The tech business is crazy at times.

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Re: Has anyone studied/researched Roku and their stock? Why is it performing poorly?

I'm pretty sure most streaming services had the best year of their existence in 2020, so these dates and variations make sense.  Thank you for sharing this info 

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