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Level 8

140 characters? 25 or more characters?

You HAVE to post a topic that is 25 or more characters long. Absolute and utter nonsense. Whoever thought that up was a novice programmer. Also the message body HAS to be a minimum of 145 characters long. Wow!

Am I being too blunt?

Level 8

Re: 140 characters ???? 25 or more characters?

I had the same problem trying to post.                             

Level 16

Re: 140 characters ???? 25 or more characters?

It's probably an attempt to try and reduce the amount of spam.                     

Level 12

Re: 140 characters? 25 or more characters?

Not to mention you have to indent the beginning of the post so everyone can read it. There needs to be some revisions or clarifications on the community standards, or the moderators need to monitor the posting etiquette on here, and they need to inform members when they step out of bounds instead of assuming members know these things. 

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