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netflix only on roku - You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy.

Only on both of my Roku Ultra's is certain shows blocked. It looks like Netflix Originals are blocked. They are both connected to the same wifi as the other devices such as PC's and phones with no issue. I have reset router to factory and even got a new cable modem. I have a basic vanilla config with no VPNs. i even disabled DDNS and openVPN but that is all inbound. None the less Netflix says its my ISP. My ISP says everything looks fine which makes sense since all other devices EXCEPT the rokus are broken now. I know they are cracking down but if it was an IP block all my devices should be blocked. Furthermore dam roku's network configs are Hard coded! i can't get rid of and for the DNS settings even after factory reset. I've done a Networ routing of to know where. i'm this close to just switching to a chromcast or something else to stream. 

Roku, please allow advanced users to control their device or please have a fix. i've narrowed it down to these devices as having the issue. dam shame too because love the devices. 

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