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YoutubeTV Interface Confusing


I have two issues in the YoutubeTV APP on ROKU and suggestions to correct them.

1) As you can get buried deep into the YoutubeTV app interface there is no quick or easy way to get you back to the program/video playing in the background. When Searching and drilling down the Search selections or if you are in your Library and drilling down, it takes several Back clicks to get back to the program/video playing in the background.

Getting back to the program playing in the background after browsing through the interface should be a quick operation and not several clicks to get to the Top of the interface and yet another click to select the program/video listed at the top of the screen.

Suggestion: On the ROKU remote the Instant Replay button could be used to take you immediately back to the current program/video playing in the background no matter where you are within the interface.

NOTE: Currently the ROKU remotes Instant Replay button is NOT being used within the YoutubeTV APP so this would be the easiest and best option to get you back to your video.

2) Selecting the Back button usually in one or multiple clicks takes you to the Home menu but when selecting Live it takes you to the top of the guide rather than the program/channel you are currently playing in the background. Occasionally when you go back to the Live guide immediately after selecting a program, then it does go back to the actual channel in the Live guide. Currently it is more confusing and also inconsistent in how it responds, which seems to be based on timing before selecting the Back button.

Suggestion: First of all, whether the Back button takes you to Home or Live should be a user selectable preference in the Settings interface. This way it is consistent and not wondering if you will be going back to the Live guide or the Home interface.

Second, If Live is selected it should take you down to the actual channel/station in the live/guide that you are currently playing in the background and not to the Top of the Live channel/guide. If you want to go to the Top of the Live guide then a second-click of the Back button could be all that is needed.

Example: If you are watching HGTV and you click the Back button and select Live, then it should take you right to HGTV in the guide/listing and NOT to the Top of the Live guide/listing unless you click Back a second time.

YoutubeTV has the best interface of all the streaming apps and I feel these changes should make navigating the interface much more intuitive and enjoyable.


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Re: YoutubeTV Interface Confusing

You need to make your suggestions to the people that created and maintain the Youtube channel app, namely Youtube.

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Re: YoutubeTV Interface Confusing

I was able to send feedback through the YoutubeTV app installed on iMac. However, there is no ROKU specific feedback that I could find. If you know where the APP developers of the ROKU specific YoutubeTV app hang out is pls let me know.

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Re: YoutubeTV Interface Confusing

I had the same frustrations and found the answer one day in another forum. Here is the fix- Press the back button once. Then with the arrow key move to the very top of the page. You will see the name of your show (in very small print) at the very top of the page. Make sure it's highlighted and press the OK key.