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Re: YouTube won’t run

@mckeej wrote:

I can’t open YouTube or prime. Something needs to get fixed!

Huh. I saw your post, then I opened YouTube. Then I opened Prime Video. Both worked. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

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Re: YouTube won’t run

I was watching YouTube earlier today. I went into another channel, came back out and now YouTube won't launch. I click on it and it just makes a clicky sound like it is trying. No error, no screen change, nothing.

I can launch every other channel. Only YouTube seems to have stopped.

I removed it, restarted, installed it again and still won't run.

It is running just fine on my model 4630X in the living room but won't run on my bedroom unit which is the same model. Both have the same channels installed.

---- I just had an idea and it WORKED! ----

After several restarts, I tried powering the unit off by unplugging it, letting it set for a few seconds (maybe 10) then powering it back on.

YouTube is now working on both units again.

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