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YouTube TV removed before december 9

Saw USA Today article YouTube tv was being removed  from Roku. 
mine abruptly got removed nov 17. 
I looked at Hulu and they have too much nickel and dime to the point may as well get cable. 
Roku needs to resolve this!  I have the you tube work around for now but don’t need that many clicks just to turn on tv. 
fix it or will be getting fire tvs for Christmas. 

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Re: YouTube TV removed before december 9


First of all, Roku can't control what Google does. Hence the dispute. You seem to forget that Google kept YouTube TV off of Amazon's platform for two and a half years, February 2017 to September 2019. What will you do if it happens again? Google did that, not Amazon. So, be sure about the horse you're backing.

Next, if anyone using any Roku device tied to your Roku account removes an app, it gets removed from all of the devices. So, yours "got removed?" Perhaps someone in your household, or with access to a Roku device tied to your account remove it. That might be worth looking into.

Or, perhaps an update from Google excluded some devices it should not have. (Apps contain code that tell them which devices they run on, and which they don't. If that gets coded wrong, an app won't load, or will remove itself.) That has happened before, after all. Coding mistakes have done this. And Google codes the YouTube TV app, not Roku.

You didn't say what device model you have (Settings > System > About) so if you would provide that, perhaps Roku can determine what happened and why it came off your device.

Finally, if you do get a Fire TV Stick, don't skimp. The really cheap ones don't perform well over time, and you don't want to have to purchase another in a year, along with the frustration leading up to that. The Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max are the best bargains for that platform.

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