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What does Disney Plus 'malformed data error' mean?

Is this issue still ongoing? Any fix identified? I am on Model 4660X - Ultra and software version 9.0.0 build 4114-46 While trying to play some audio files (mp3) some of them would not play and gives the below malformed data error:

m.player.errorCode = -5
m.player.errorMsg = malformed data

The files are from a hosted service ( Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Level 8

Re: What does Disney Plus 'malformed data error' mean?

Well I guess they finally 'fixed' RMP after the last downgrade that was labeled as an update last month.  Now, it doesn't see ANY of the media on my NAS. This worked until last week, but now it says there is no playable content on my network drive.  It can't see the 600+ GB of music, pictures, and video that CAN be seen from any phone or computer connected to my network. 

I would have tried calling, but since there's no CS number it's become apparent that ROKU DOES NOT CARE ABOUT IT'S CUSTOMERS.  And why should they?  Once you pay for the device you're of no value to Roku anymore.  I regret buying a new roku device a few months ago. 

I have been using Roku devices since around 2012 and used to think very highly of the devices.  Now I'm looking for a good alternative that will act as a DLNA player since ROKU TOOK THAT AWAY!

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Re: What does Disney Plus 'malformed data error' mean?

I found the same issue with mp4 files. I tried 6 to 7 mp4 files It's given the same error message "malformed data". I used the latest software version 9.3.0 build 4194-91. I checked with all Cooper devices. All devices got the same error. Anyone Find the solution for this?

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