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Watching Roku Subscriptions directly on Smart TV

Hi all, first of all thanks in advance for any help you can offer [I've googled this and see no relevant answers]

I have subscriptions thru Roku to Discovery+ (and go back and forth with Disney+ depending on content that month) .  All works well in Roku, as well as thru a 5 yr old Amazon Firestick.

We just bought a new Sony Smart TV with X1 (X80, Android OS, 2020 model) and when I went to set up Discovery+ I can't figure out how (or, if I can) leverage my Roku-based subscription directly on the Discovery+ app.

With the Firestick this just "worked" using the URL and code given in setup, as I recall.  True for Discovery+ and Disney+, for sure.  Not so with the Sony Smart TV - app prompts me to set up a new payment account after using URL/code.

Just wondering if this is possible.  I'd prefer to keep billing thru Roku but if I dont figure this out very soon I am stopping all Roku subscriptions and going direct thru each channel.  We also just added AMC+ as a trial presently but may keep it and similarly cancel/re-subscribe direclty.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Watching Roku Subscriptions directly on Smart TV

You're discovering the drawback with subscribing to stream sources through 3rd party suppliers (Roku, Amazon, cable/satellite company, smart TV app,, etc) ‐- in many/most cases you can then only view that source via that 3rd party system.

For maximum flexibility, subscribe directly with the streaming source on its website.  Then you can view it on any platform supported by that source (web browser, Android or iOS app on a mobile device, dedicated app on a streaming device).

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Re: Watching Roku Subscriptions directly on Smart TV

Thank you for your reply.  The weird thing is, I am able to watch Roku premium channels Discovery+ and Disney+ on my Firestick.  For whatever reason, this works.  No mistake about it.  It just "connected" when I did the setup on the Firestick.  With the Sony Bravia (Android OS) the same setup process doesn't work - it wants me to create a new account.  Oh well, looks like I am unsubscribing from Roku.  I'll subscribe directly and deal with it that way.  It was just convenient to have one place to process payments.  Thanks again, John