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Help & troubleshooting for channels on your Roku device, including adding/removing channels, logging in to, authenticating, or activating a channel, channel-specific playback issues, assistance contacting channel publishers to report issues, and adjusting channel-specific settings.
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Trouble with apps freezing or not playing back videos

I watch Discovery app and almost every day it will freeze. Also on the Paramount app it will not play the shows gives me an error message but it’s just on this roku it works on the others I have. Any help to fix it. Roku is less than a year old 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Trouble with apps freezing or not playing back videos

Hey @Sg1998

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

In some cases, removing the affected channel and then re-installing it may help. To ensure the process is successful, follow the steps below making sure you restart your Roku device before adding the channel again.

  1. Remove the channel: Highlight the channel tile on your home screen and press the Star button to open the options menu. Select Remove channel and confirm.
    • Note: If you are removing a subscription channel billed to your Roku account, you must cancel the subscription before you see the Remove channel option. For help identifying this type of subscription channel, read the detailed article about removing a channel.
  2. Restart your Roku device: Restart the device from the settings menu. Go to Settings > System > System restart > Restart.
  3. Re-install the channel: After your Roku device restarts, visit the Roku Channel Store and add the channel again.
    • Note: If you are adding a subscription channel billed to your Roku account, you will need to resubscribe.

If after attempting the suggestions above, you are still experiencing the same issue from a specific channel while videos from other channels play fine, contact the channel provider's customer support team to report the issue and get help. Channels on Roku are maintained by the channel developer themselves.

You can reach out to them here: Discovery+ Support | Paramount+ Support

All the best,

Kariza D.
Roku Forum Moderator
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