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Level 7

This is more a warning about the Shudder service.

This is a warning to anyone thinking about subscribing to Shudder. I started a 7 day trial to Shudder and decided they weren't worth paying almost $60 a year for. So I cancelled my subscription to them via their own website. I did this well within the 7 day trial period. To my surprise two weeks later I have just been billed $60 for a subscription to Shudder. I immediately went to their website checked the account and amusingly the account states I can reactivate the account but next to it are the words your account ends Oct 2022!! So I contacted Shudder and told them they have made a mistake and to refund me. They replied within mins stating that they will happily knock 40% of the years subscription If I stay with them. No apology, just we want to keep your money. I immediately sent back a very strongly worded email demanding my money back and so far nothing but silence from them. I'm giving them 24 hours more to reply before I initiate a chargeback on them via my bank. So be warned, these are the type of cowboys that take your money without your consent. 

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