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Subtitles stop working on multiple apps

On multiple apps on my Roku Ultra (4670x) have stop displaying subtitles a few hours after a restart and the only way to get it to display subtitles again is to do a system restart. It is affecting Disney +, Hulu, CBS All Access, PBS, HBO, Peacock, & BritBox that I know off. Netflix and Prime don’t seem affected by this.

Subtitles are set “On always” in the settings>accessibility menu on the Roku and on each of the apps under the * menus.

Other than restarting the system every few hours I don’t know how to fix this. Any ideas?

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Re: Subtitles stop working on multiple apps

I am having the same problem on our two Ultras.  Very frustrating. Just had them go out on Hulu about 30 minutes after cycling the power. Other have reported this issue when using Prime. They were told it was a Prime issue; clearly not!

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Re: Subtitles stop working on multiple apps

I recently encountered a problem with my Roku Streaming Stick + I'm trying to watch "The Climbers" a Chinese mountain climbing film on Prime Video but no subtitles show. When I hit pause I arrow up and get choices for Replay/Play from the Beginning, Subtitles, Audio and Languages. I choose Subtitles and see "English (CC)." However, no subtitles are to be seen. I can't seem to make any changes to Audio and Languages or Subtitles either. I also get the same problem now on a Russian film I started.

There is no setting that I can see in the Prime app to adjust or account for this. There is a setting under the Roku but one that pertains to "captioning" wbich is not the same thing I believe.

I logged into and in the Prime Video subsite was able to resume the movie on its player and saw that the default setting for subtitles was OFF. I was able to set it for ON and at least on the website was now able to see the subtitles but when stopping the film and trying to pick this up on the Roku the frustrating problem remains.

I tried to resovle this by formally exiting the app and restarting the Roku device - no good. The only avenue open is do a full factory reset. Where do I direct my complaint? I've seen it so often that both companies blame the other. Does anyone have a further suggestion?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Subtitles stop working on multiple apps


Thanks for the post.

If you have verified that closed captions are enabled on your Roku device and are still experiencing the issue, we would recommend contacting the channel provider as each channel has control over their own settings for closed captions.

For more information about closed captions on your Roku device, visit our Support page here: How do I enable closed captioning?

You can reach out to Amazon Prime Video support here:


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