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Spotify on Roku can be taken over by anyone on the same wifi network

Programming glitch, request to Spotify and Roku to fix:

Any person who is on the same wifi network can assume control of a Roku device with spotify on it. Even if the owner of the Roku device is using it to watch Netflix, or connected as a computer monitor to their laptop, or any other use at all, if another person joins the same wifi they can see the Spotify/Roku device, assume control of it by streaming their Spotify account to it - even if the owner of the Roku has their own Spotify account on it. Currently I am in a building that uses a large shared wifi for about 200 residents. Any one of us who has Roku with Spotify on it can play music on each others' devices any time we want at any volume. In the past month I've had my TV taken over 3 times at volume of 75 or more, some stranger decided to stream their Spotify to my Roku TV while I was in the middle of watching Netflix or using the TV as an external monitor while doing work on my laptop. There is no way to stop this, it is how it is programmed which is quite evidently not good programming. To Spotify & Roku: Please allow users to select an 'allowed' list of devices which can access Spotify on Roku. Allowing *anyone* to randomly stream their Spotify to any Roku device on the same wifi is quite horrible. I am aware that users have been bringing this request to you for years as I have seen the forums; there are many tech blogs/forums out there with confused and angry people as their Roku device keeps getting hijacked, and many of the posts are years old with many users in the follow up comments saying they have experienced the same problem. So it's been years and you have not addressed this extremely bad programming issue. Urgently I request to you, give users a menu option to select 'permitted devices'. This should be addressed right away.