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Level 7

So many commercials on almost every free channel.

I understand that a free service has to have commercials to support the service. But Seriously, some shows start with 5 commercials. Then, after five minutes, 5 more commercials. It's awful and that is why I don't watch much tv on Roku.

Then another issue. I go to see if there is F1 racing channels. That is Formula racing. The initial screen says that the F1 is free. When I go to the channel it is not free. You have to pay a lot of money to have live racing. Might as well fly to see a race.

There are some good channels on Roku, and some have HD quality. But, the cost of some channels , like the F1 channel is really too high.  NASA is also free. Thank you having that channel.

Overall the amount of commercials is just not acceptable. Maybe need to find another way to monetize content. It is more like you are watching commercials and they are interrupted by the show

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Level 17

Re: So many commercials on almost every free channel.

Yep, when it's free, you are the product.  That was true even before TV was invented. I rarely stream anything with commercials myself but many people are ready willing and able.  Some people even complain about a commercial that is not in their native language, but to me that would be a plus! Smiley Happy

What channel is F1 showing as free on?  This issue has been reported with Vudu.  I'm wondering if its them again, or someone else?

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