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Show seasons missing

Bewitched showes 8 Seasons was only able to watch Seasons 1-4, because Seasons 5-8 disappeared. About 3 months later the reversed took place. 

Now watching Hazel which showed Seasons 1-5, just finished watching Season 1 and Seasons 2-4 are missing.


Level 18

Re: Show seasons missing

moola they want moola.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Show seasons missing

Hi @1AP,

Thanks for the post.

What channel do you have issues with its content?

If the channel you are experiencing is The Roku Channel, please be aware that to keep the library of content fresh, certain titles may only be available for a limited time. To stay up to date on top titles available in The Roku Channel, follow the Roku blog.



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Bewitched missing Seasons

I received #Roku to watch some of the TV shows I watched growing up. . .#Bewitched is one of my favorites. 

I had (noticed I said "had") season 1 through 8.   I watched 1 - 4 but season 5 - 8 disappeared. Why?!?!   I did find season  7 & 8, on a different channel. . .however to watch season 5 & 6 costs $!  To purchase season 5 & 6 (on DVD) are either sold out or places are asking ridiculous amount of money.   Too many companies and/or individuals rake in millions, if not billions, and want more. . .Greedy!  😞


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