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Rolled back software update...channels still not working!

I have two roku tvs. After the 10.5 update most of my apps stopped working on both tvs. Apple tv, hulu, hbo, Amazon, everything. Netflix was the only thing working SOMETIMES.

I saw that Roku let you roll back to the software prior to 10.5. Well I did that- and it did NOTHING. I'm on the old software again and still having issues. 

I've restarted the router, reset the network connection on the TV, reset the TV itself, uninstalled and reinstalled apps. Nothing. 

If this issue persists and I'm stuck with two useless tvs I'll just chuck them in the bin and switch to another brand. I don't have cable, only streaming so this sucks. 

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Level 8

Re: Rolled back software update...channels still not working!

I'm having the same problem with AMC+ channel, but don't know how to roll back to 10.0 from 10.5. But one thing you may not have tried is to "clear the cache" on your Roku. Perhaps remove the channel that's not working and clear the cache, then re-add the channel. Just an idea... Here's how someone on Roku Rocks fb group told me to clear the cache using your Roku remote:

Press Home button on the remote 5 times

Press Up button once

Press Rewind button twice

Press Forward button twice

Wait, wait, wait... Roku device will restart.

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