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Roku Ultra LT soft pixels

Hello, I just got a Roku LT and while it is really fast and I like most features, I think it has a filter to soften the pixels in low content, as I use Fubo and it streams in 720p, and everything looks bad, it is not pixelated, but it looks like when you apply a filter to soften the pixels and it looks worse than without it.

The same with YouTube videos in 720p or less. 
All other content looks good, but the problem is that I use Fubo most and it looks very bad.

It looks better on the older Rokus I have. And I don't even have that problem with the TV native apps or the Firesticks I own.

So, is there a way to disable that filter?
It does not help, it makes the image look worse.

What setting will help?

I have a Samsung S90C, so, it is not the TV either.


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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Ultra LT soft pixels

Hey there! Sorry to hear you're experiencing soft pixels on your Roku Ultra LT. This issue might be related to the display settings or the HDMI connection. Have you tried adjusting the display settings on your Roku or checking the HDMI cable? Sometimes, a simple reconnection or tweaking the resolution settings can help improve picture quality. If the problem persists, reaching out to Roku support for specific troubleshooting steps could be a good next move. Let me know if you need more assistance—happy to help you get those pixels crisp and clear!

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