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Not Getting Dolby Atmos Anywhere - In Canada

Hi All!

Here is my Setup:

1. Roku Premiere (latest software version, NOT the "Plus" version)
2. Onkyo TX-NR595 Receiver (5.1.2 setup, front height speakers)
3. Optional: Easycoo Downscaler (tested with and without scaler, not difference)
4. Panasonic AE-7000 Projector (1080P)
5. Tested Disney Plus, Netflix - latest software versions.


This is not an ARC setup, but just to rule things out:

1. All audio set to AUTO
2. HDMI set to AUTO
3. Tried specifying options.
4. Tried turning ARC on and off in receiver (but this is not an ARC setup; I'm using a projector)

All I get is Dolby Digital Plus when the content is supposed to support Dolby Atmos.

With the exception of Disney Plus, all Dolby Atmos content works on my PC through the receiver, so I know the receiver is able to pump out Dolby Atmos at will.

I don't have anything else to test Dolby Atmos with because Vudu is not available in Canada, and I don't have an Amazon Prime account.

What if anything am I missing or doing wrong?

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Level 8

Re: Not Getting Dolby Atmos Anywhere - In Canada

I contacted Disney Plus support, and they seem convinced that my setup SHOULD work, but it doesn't.  They didn't have an answer.  They collected my Premiere build and software versions, and they gave no indication of a solution or schedule (I don't feel hopeful).

I contacted Onkyo support via email - waiting on progress there.

Roku has no direct customer support for this kind of thing outside these forums as far as I know.

Anyone else here have experience with Roku Premiere (not Premiere Plus) with Disney Plus and Dolby Atmos?

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Level 7

Re: Not Getting Dolby Atmos Anywhere - In Canada

Hey EF

Sorry to hear you are having issues.  Unfortunately I’m in the same boat.  I pretty much have the same set up (just different video equipment) but exactly the same issue. Checked with Onkyo - they pointed to Roku and Roku pointed to Onkyo.  And Disney + was useless.  
Like you I am at a total loss.  But I will continue to troubleshoot and you know if I find anything. 

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