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NFL Game Pass - keep Roku 1 or get new Roku 4K+


I'd like to get NFL game pass. My old Roku 1 (model 2710X) still works and looks like it could stream NFL Game Pass - I'm able to download the NFL channel. I haven't actually signed up for Game Pass yet as I'm wondering if I need to upgrade to a newer Roku to get good performance. NFL game pass gives a 7 day trial and I don't want to start the trial with the old Roku 1 if it's not going to work well.

Anyone out there watching NFL game pass on an old Roku 1?
Does NFL game pass also work on the Roku 4K+ ?

Anyone have experience comparing NFL game pass on old Roku 1 and new Roku 4K+


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Re: NFL Game Pass - keep Roku 1 or get new Roku 4K+


Everything will work on the newer Roku devices.

You would notice a marked performance difference between any current device an the Roku 1 (2710).

Note that Amazon announced a couple of months back they were dropping support for the 2710. Others already have. This will become more and more common.

You may not need to upgrade to watch what you want just yet, but do be aware the day is coming.

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Re: NFL Game Pass - keep Roku 1 or get new Roku 4K+


I bought a new Roku Express 4K+ and then took the trial to NFL game pass.  It's working great and I plan to keep Game Pass for the season.  

I never tried my old Roku 1, so I don't know if that would have worked.

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