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NBC app - “needs to authenticate” despite delete/reboot/add/reboot

We have a relatively new (2019?) TCL Roku TV, and have full cable service through Frontier. I’m pretty tech-handy, but am entirely befuddled. For the past 5+ months, I’ve been unable to get NBC app to show anything but free shows. The app launches fine, and I get “Sorry! We’re having some trouble... Needs to re-authenticate. Error code: CloudpathErrorAuthorization” when I try to watch non-freebie shows. 

I have the NBC app authenticated working fine on our Samsung TVs, my iPad, laptop, iPhone. I have deleted the app, rebooted, readied the app, rebooted many many times. Other apps authenticate fine. This one, I never get prompted to authenticate, and I don’t see where I can enter my cable login in my settings in or on the TV itself.

I’ve reached out to NBC and was told to delete cookies (ahem, it’s a TV not a browser). I’ve tried adding the app via - again, didn’t see where to authenticate. I just confirmed that my Roku OS is current, and I am downloading the current app. 

I’m going to try a full reset because this is driving me batty. It’s absurd that Roku doesn’t have a core place to authenticate subscriptions, or that each app works entirely differently. Samsung, AppleTV all have consistent authentication APIs for the apps (actually, AppleTVs is stored centrally - even better). 

Any ideas? Please?

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Re: NBC app - “needs to authenticate” despite delete/reboot/add/reboot

In the NBC app, at the top go to More | My Profile.  Now link to your tv provider.

You use a browser to go to, hence the suggestion to clear cookies.

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Re: NBC app - “needs to authenticate” despite delete/reboot/add/reboot

I have re authentication on my iPhone under App for NBC but still get error msg on my RokuTV that Dish is my provider still shows up. Spectrum is my new provider but When I open NBC on roku dish in the upper right corner is still there

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Re: NBC app - “needs to authenticate” despite delete/reboot/add/reboot


Thanks for the post.

For more information about that channel's authentication and functionality, you'll want to contact NBC support directly to inquire further. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 

You can reach NBC support here:


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