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Minstra player not available

So no longer available why? I paid for this device and the licence to play it on this device the posts have been ignored by admins why? If this isn’t sorted then you can get stuffed with your Roku rubbish! Funny how it still works on IOS and Android! 

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Re: Minstra player not available

Channel availability is at discretion of channel provider (mostly), take it up with Minstra.

Roku do occasionally ban channels if they are abusive/court order (Locast, Nowhere) or there is a commercial disagreement between channel and Roku (has been issues with Spectrum, YouTube).  Other devices have had similar commercial disagreements, not just a Roku problem.

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Re: Minstra player not available

Roku is not particularly receptive to IPTV players and their Channels/apps.  Even if they don't provide the content themselves, the IPTV player Channels allow access to both legal and illegal IPTV subscription services.  The large majority of the IPTV subscriptions available are to those that do not have the proper licensing to distribute the channels (pirated/illegal).

You can still cast IPTV to your Roku without an IPTV player Channel developed for Roku,  but if the majority of your television watching is using an unauthorized/illegal IPTV subscription service, then unfortunately, Roku is not the streaming service for you.  Using another streaming service is the only other option available.  Even if the IPTV player channel itself (Ministra, Smarters, Kodi, VLC, etc.) are legal themselves, the ability for these players to stream unauthorized copyrighted/licensed material is the sticky point regarding Roku.

I certainly won't tell people what or how to watch the content they want to watch (you be you), but I also certainly won't complain that Roku doesn't provide the means by way of allowing IPTV players to make the viewing of unauthorized content on their system/platform.  As mentioned repeatedly by others in this forum, there are other streaming services and non-Roku apps that accomodate this and are better suited for those needs.  Roku is geared around promoting and providing legal streaming sources and services, and is best suited for those that agree with that proposition.

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