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Re: Roku 3 no longer recognizes Seagate external USB


Thanks for the post. We would be more than happy to investigate this issue for you.

Can you please provide us the following information:
-Roku device model, serial number, device ID, and software OS/version (these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
-tracker ID when this issue occurs (when you see this issue occur, press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times)
-steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing 

Once I have this information, I'll be able to pass it along to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Roku 3 no longer recognizes Seagate external USB

Thanks Danny, here's the information you requested

Model:  4230X – Roku 3

Last updated: 3-30 7:59 AM

Last Checked 3-4 1:08 PM

Serial # 4E755VO14959

Version 11.0 build 4161-04

No “device-id” information was displayed

Steps to reproduce (here I used the method I have been using for years to connect this drive)

  • Have Roku box in its normal “on” state.
  • Power up the external hard drive, then connect the drive thru the USB cable to the Roku box.
  • Roku displays “USB Media Launch …” window, I select Launch.
  • Roku displays the “Media Type Selection …” window, I select “Video”
  • Roku displays the “Connect to DLNA Server or USB Device …“ window, nothing more happens.

When I press Home then Back five times each I get “Timestamp 2022-04-05701:24:56Z” and “ID 59-135-444”

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Re: My roku media player is not working

I have the same problem with my Roku 3. The device does not show up in the Roku Media player and therefore cannot be accessed when any USB drive is plugged into the Roku.

This just happened a couple of days ago after an auto update to the firmware which seems to include the Roku Media Player, who’s icon was moved to the end of the app list. 

i have tried everything, updating, restarting, unplugging, using different devices, but no change.

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Reel Rookie

Roku 3 USB port won't recognize MP4 files

My Roku 3 USB port knows when a flash drive is inserted but when I hit either the ALL or VIDEO button I'm taken to a help page that tells me to insert a USB drive into the USB port. I've used this system successfully for years with no problems..until now.

Any ideas?


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Roku Guru

Re: Media player won't work for my roku 3 after the last update

Your Roku 3 is almost 10 years old. You can try a factory reset. Can you elaborate what do you mean by won’t work

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Media player won't work for my roku 3 after the last update

There are two different models of Roku 3. Neither are 10 years old, with the 4200 released in Mar 2013 (ok, 9 years) and the 4230 Apr 2015 (7 years old). Both versions are still officially supported by Roku with OS updates, although some channel providers will not support that old of a player. 

But it's a valid question about what exactly is or is not working with RMP. The last time I tested it, RMP was playing pretty much everything it ever had played. The only issue I know of right now is that .TS/M2TS files will not pause, FF, rewind or resume. MKV and MP4 files are fine. 


Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Reel Rookie

Re: My roku media player is not working

I'm having the exact same issue with my Roku 3, Roku Media Player is no longer detecting my 2tb hard drive, only over the past couple of days ever since the most recent Roku firmware update.

I tried everything you suggested AvsGunnar and nothing, even tried resetting my Roku 3 to factory settings and nothing. My 2tb drive is still detected and working fine when I plug it into my computer or other devices, it seems this is an issue related to the latest firmware update. I hope it can get resolved..

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: My roku media player is not working


I would not be surprised if related.  

Have you tried using a smaller drive or USB thumb drive/flash drive to see if the device is recognizing any drives at all?  

Roku Community Streaming Expert
Just another Roku user... I am not a Roku employee.
Insignia RokuTV, Ultra 4660, Premiere+ 3921, Express 4k+ 3941, Streambar 9102

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Reel Rookie

Re: My roku media player is not working

I did try using a smaller USB and the Roku Media Player did detect it, it just isn't detecting the 2tb external hard drive anymore for some reason? It pops up and says to connect a USB and types recognized but doesn't detect it, my 2tb is an NTFS drive which is one on the list that should be detected, also it did always work in the past prior to a couple of days ago.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Media player won't work for my roku 3 after the last update

FYI, my Hitatch Roku TV media play also stopped working, not sure what version of Roku is built into it, but here is some additional detail:

1. Will not recognize a USB memory device that has been working for a year with the same files on it.  Tried reformatting it as FAT32 and reinstalled some files and it is still not recognized in the media player

2. Another USB stick plugged is used for pause/rewind/play and still works just fine, does not (and has not ever) been shown in media player

3. Media player also shows an old HDHomeRun device that has been unplugged for a few months. Even shows channels and errors when a channel is selected (as it should since the device is not on the network).  The device shouldn't even be listed in the media player.

4. Tried plugging the USB in directly to the USB port and not through a hub with the same effect.

5. Media player was last updated Feb 22, 2022,

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