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Issues adding non-certified channels

I'm still not able to add non-certified channels. When I put in the channel code, click through the "I'm not a robot" recaptcha, click "add channel," click okay on the warning, and then see the channel add screen.

When I click on "Yes, add channel" the first time, often nothing happens. When I click on it the 2nd time, it just goes to

I'm in Germany if that makes a difference.

Level 7

Re: Issues adding non-certified channels

I'm having same issue. but I do not get the 404 error

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Re: Issues adding non-certified channels


Back in October 2021, Roku announced that the non-certified app process would be changing.

Roku set it up to allow developers to make apps available to users while the kinks were worked out and the apps were coded to standards, and the certification process completed. However, many app developers chose to not complete coding to standards and submit for certification. They just left the apps there. It created a second Roku app catalog. The official one, the Channel Store, and the non-certified app repository.

Finally, Roku had enough with developers leaving incomplete apps (not coded to Roku published standards) available. And the big driver, I suspect (I can't confirm this, but I believe this), was money. Coding to standards also meant coding to allow users to subscribe via the app using Roku Pay, of which Roku takes a cut. Using Roku Pay isn't required, but the ability for Roku Pay is required. And I think app developers uploading subscription apps to the non-certified repository and never coding to standards was the driving factor.

As of late February 2022, a full 120 days after Roku's announcement, all non-certified apps that were not submitted for certification were removed.

The process still exists, but there is a 120 day limit, and a limited number of Beta users allowed. If you are in a Beta program for a developer, and the code isn't working, contact the developer.

If not, then you're trying to use the process as it was before Roku started enforcing the requirements. If it's a subscription service app, suggest they code to Roku standards and submit for certification. If it's a totally free app, then blame the subscription coders for ruining it for everyone.

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