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Reel Rookie

History Vault:I have a year subscription but It says I have no subscription

I purchased a year subscription to History Vault.I did this here on in my account I can see that I paid them and am good till July 2022.

I called Roku and they did nothing for me.And they even saw that I paid for a History Vault subscription.I never got any kind of login/password.All I had to do was click on the History Vault thru my external roku device.

Today I clicked on the History Vault only to find that I no longer have a subscription ? 

Roku was not helpful and made me go to History Vault website.There I found out that whatever I have to do is not going to happen thru them but I have to go back to Roku.There is not one thing I 

can do here on

I am very angry.Rooku is the one who has my credit card.Roku is where I purchased subscriptions.

In the future if I happen to want to add a channel I will never do it thru here.

Lastly I aksed for a phone line for me to call History Vault and I was given the wrong number.I did not make a mistake writing down the number.

Does anyone know what I should do ? 

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Reel Rookie

Re: History Vault:I have a year subscription but It says I have no subscription


It is what I see on History Vault website.

Did you sign up on one of our partner services? If your HISTORY Vault account was started on The Roku Channel, Apple Channels on the Apple TV app, Cox Contour TV or Contour Stream Player, Comcast Xfinity, or Amazon Prime Video Channels, your subscription cannot be accessed via or our HISTORY Vault apps and we will not have your subscription information on file. Please check with the support team of the platform where you subscribed for access help.

If you have verified that your subscription originated on our website or a HISTORY Vault app, please try signing in with any alternate email addresses you own. (Your HISTORY Vault email login is not necessarily the same email you use to log into your Apple, Roku or Google Play accounts.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: History Vault:I have a year subscription but It says I have no subscription

If you paid through Roku then you probably accessed it through The Roku Channel.  If you're trying to use the stand-alone History Vault channel/app then that won't work.  You have to go into The Roku Channel and then it should be available.

You can check your subscriptions at .

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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