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Level 7

HBO Max not working on Roku

I, like many of you, cannot get HBO Max to work on my Roku (3500x / 9.4). I have rebooted Roku, cleared cache, logged out of all devices, removed channel, etc... Nothing has worked. I have found 2 "workarounds" that work allow you to watch HBOMax movies while we wait for HBO to pull their head out and fix it.

Option 1: Direct search of movies.

Not ideal but does work. 

1. Assuming you are signed into HBOmax (and have a profile), Go to the Roku main home screen. Search for a movie (e.g. Wonder Woman 84). It should show that as being available from HBOMax. 

2. Click on it. It will take you to your HBOMax profile. Click on your profile.

3. After you click on the profile, it should start the movie directly.  

Option 2: Laptop/PC

Also not ideal but does work. 

1. If you have a Laptop or PC, go to HBO max and login.

2. Navigate to your movie and watch it directly.

3. If your laptop has a HDMI port and you have a HDMI cable,  you can stream directly from your laptop to your tv. 

*Option 3: Relentlessly email/call/IM/Carrier Pigeon  HBO Help.

1. Use all available resources to pester HBO Max to fix their app on older Roku models.

I know these are pretty obvious, but if anyone who is in my situation knows of a fix or finally gets HBO to fix it, please let us all know.


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Level 8

Re: HBO Max not working on Roku

Thank you for posting this, it's the only way I've been able to watch movies through my HBO Max account on my Roku 2. I couldn't even get a log in screen prior to this. I know my Roku is old, it's listed as a "legacy device" on their website, but why do we have to keep upgrading a device that still works? The tech industry is only concerned with money, I guess, and not in the incredible waste they cause by forcing us to upgrade our devices so often. When will they "Go Green"? 

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