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Failed to add channel frankspeech

I have a Roku LT with the latest update.  I cannot add Frankspeech nor RSBN channels.  I get an error saying 'failed to add channel'.    Going to my Roku account online I can install the channels, but they don't show as installed on my device.  Do some stream channels require newer hardware?

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Re: Failed to add channel frankspeech

When channels program the Roku-compatible versions of their channel streaming apps they have to decide which Rokus they are willing to support, as newer models have capabilities not present in older units.  Some are pretty good at disclosing which models they support, others are not.

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Re: Failed to add channel frankspeech

Okay, this was crazy but I got it working.

Frank TV had to be launched by a code.

With one of my rokus I had to do 3 separate clean logins (email, password, code) before Frank TV launched.

With another I had to do 4 before it launched.

Each login had to be done from scratch, not auto-fill, and a new code with each login.

Took me about an hour to figure this out but I'm tenacious 😅

Hope this helps.

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Re: Failed to add channel frankspeech


If you are in the US, I see no reason the Ultra LT would not be able to receive RSBN or Frankspeech.  Maybe do a manual software update to make sure Roku is using the latest OS.  Settings..System..System Update..Check Now.

Edited... Does appear that RSBN is experiencing a few issues saying "Unable to Play Video" and presenting user with a "Dismiss" window.  I am sure this is temporary and will be fixed shortly.  Hit and miss on what will play and what won't.  Seems like content under "Shows" is mostly impacted currently.



Was a little bit of a pain to install Frankspeech.  Had to create another FrankSpeech account to register the Roku activation for some reason.  New Channel so I guess there may be some bugs in activation.

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