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Does Roku have the Spectrum TV app? How to add it to my device

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Did Roku really get rid of the Spectrum app? I bought two for my dad so he had cable again and both Spectrum and Roku claim that Roku devices can be used with the spectrum app. Did they really drop this with no documentation or publication of it whatsoever?? That’s absurd.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Spectrum App disappeared from all my TVs

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the posts. I'm happy to share that the Spectrum TV app is now available on Roku devices.

Image from Roku Channel StoreImage from Roku Channel Store

  • For more information about the Spectrum app being available on Roku devices, visit our blog post here.
  • You can add the channel from the Roku Channel Store here.
  • Spectrum also has a support page with tips on getting started here.

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Spectrum TV

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Thanks for nothing Roku and Spectrum.  I bought the **bleep** Roku so I could watch Spectrum in my basement in addition to the other channels you offer on Roku.  My Spectrum account says “despite our best efforts, Roku will not continue our agreement to allow users to access the spectrum app through Roku“.  Greedy bastards, all of you!

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Re: Spectrum TV

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Yea.  Spectrum called me and offered me this service today and said I could get it through Roku.  I come to find that yesterday their contract with them ended.

They told me they were planning on getting it back most likely though.

It's a shame as I was going to recommend it to my parents who watch a lot of TV.

Does anybody know more about this?


They did tell me that if you had it downloaded already you could keep using it however.  I didn't as I got it today.  Might have to cancel the trial.

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Re: spectrum app not working

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As of 12/11/20:  Spectrum TV app  can no longer be installed on roku devices.  It will no longer work on roku devices for NEW setups. It will not be found in the app store any longer.

Existing  Spectrum TV apps on roku devices will continue to work

If uninstalled, spectrum TV app will not be available for new installation.

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HBO via Spectrum issue

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I have HBO via Spectrum and have been watching Watchmen series last two nights. I go to search on Roku Stick home page and type in Watchmen and Spectrum comes up as choice and labeled included then I'm good to go.

3rd day Spectrum doesn't come up as a choice and can't log onto HBO directly. I go through Spectrum App and can find it but it immediately locks up and kicks me back to home page.

Why did I lose Spectrum as option when searching for this?

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Re: HBO via Spectrum issue

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You would have to ask Spectrum. Roku does not create or support channels for 3rd party providers. Spectrum has sole control over how their channel works on Roku devices. It sounds like they pushed an update out that broke something. That's something they need to know. 


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Re: spectrum app not working

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Why did it get discontinued?

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Re: spectrum app not working

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Re: spectrum app not working

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Why would I continue with Roku? Or Spectrum? I’m done with both!

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Re: spectrum app not working

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I own a ROKU ULTRA and use the Spectrum TV App almost exclusively.  Why would Roku do away with this App?  If you use spectrum cable as your Wifi for Roku, its the only way to watch TV channels.   So now I have to buy a competitors streaming device that includes Spectrum TV and ditch my $99 Roku Ultra? 

Thanks Alot!