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Cannot activate AMC b/c incorrect creds sent

I have watched AMC with no problem for a year. Suddenly tonight I was asked to reactivate the subscription. I go to and enter the code. However, instead of my account credentials, I get a message stating I am signed in as my friend, who has nothing to do with my account, but I was on his wifi (not now). So I opted to sign in with a different account, input my credentials at spectrum, which it seemed to accept. however when I go back to the AMC channel on the Roku app, I get a message that says "your subscription does not include this service." my subscription does include AMC, but my friend's does not. so I'm thinking that it's somehow still sending my friends credentials to the Roku app, cite the fact that I have signed in with my credentials and have never signed in with my friends creds on my device. 

who's fault is this? who can fix it?

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