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Level 7

Because You Watched... You might like...

Hi everyone,

I had a question, is there a way to delete or hide any of the titles on the "because you watched xyz you might want to watch XYZ" suggestions?

On every other platform I can delete or hide movie suggestions I don't want to see except on the Roku Channel.

Level 7

Re: Because You Watched... You might like...

I have the same question...I want to delete items on The Roku Channel, "Because you watched" list.

I've seen a bit of info on this blog that suggests there isn't a way to do this.  Has anyone found a work around?

Level 7

Re: Because You Watched... You might like...

I am not sure that this issue is being recognized.  There are a lot of potential problems with this feature.  I do not like everything I watch being widely broadcast to anyone that turns on my tv.   I would like control over whether my watch history is used to push other titles.  At least this should be an optional feature, not something uncontrollable.  Also, are there any parental controls to limit what is suggested?  I'm not happy.