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Apps needed for all of the uncensored video websites

My old roku broke so I'm stuck using a firestick that someone gave me.  I'll buy another Roku when you release an Odysee app. I need apps for uncensored video websites. Youtube is censored by the thought police. Maybe I overlooked something. Do you have apps for all of the uncensored video websites?

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Re: Apps needed for all of the uncensored video websites


An Odysee Channel would need to be developed by Odysee.  Roku merely provides the platform, they don't develop the Channels. (other than the Roku Channel).

If you want just video sites, try Odysee Unofficial or Rumble/RumbleTV which are both available for the Roku.  If you want more video channels, contact the providers directly and request they develop a channel for Roku.

If you have specific ones in mind, post them back and will let you know if available on Roku.  Or you can simply use the Search feature within Roku and discover if available for yourself.

Additionally, you can cast just about any online content to your Roku device, or merely use a laptop, navigate to the website of your choice, and then use an HDMI cable to your TV to watch any content you wish.  There are even adaptors you can plug into your phone that you can plug into the HDMI port of your TV if you wish to stream in that manner.  (

Hope that helps.

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Re: Apps needed for all of the uncensored video websites

I agree with you 100% .  AMERICA thanks to the lefty type weak people is turning into China. I just read that ROKU is gonna start sensoring apps. I got a roku to watch OANN after I canceled direct TV for getting rid of it. I think that app is safe , but I go a little deeper in my search for truth like the FrankSpeach channel which I bet will be sensored.  Imagine what has been sensored from us that we don't even know ? This is like 1984 , They live type stuff going on. America is truly going the wrong direction since the stolen election.  

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