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Any sense to update RARflix?

RARflix just gave up on me. 3.4.6 comes up but quickly dies. 3.4.2 cannot find content on my Plex server, though it is listed as found. I have uninstalled/reinstalled both with the same negative results. My older PLex Media Server (PMS) still runs channels, and RARflix was able to run those. While I knew this day would come, it is still depressing.

Q: Would it make any sense to update the code ljunkie left on Github or is that a waste of time considering Plugins could go away on older PMS at any time. I have Emby Blue Neon working and PMS still works on my Android, but Roku and Plex worked better than those alternatives. Any positive suggestions or alternatives would be helpful.

Edit: No Sense. 1) 60+ .brs files to update. I made too many mistakes in my Dev account trials to try and update those. 2) Even I could update RARflix, Plex could stop this at anytime. The good news for me is that my RARflix is back working: I just cannot update any libraries, so I deleted those. Plan B for that is Emby/Jellyfin.

At some time, RARflix will no longer work so Android is my future. Too bad, I like the user friendliness of Roku and Plex Plugins were/are great. I learned alot from Shopgirl's comments in the Plex forums, in that most errors are user related. Roku and Plex need to make money. I know what my needs are, and can get them elsewhere. Not complaining, as a real 2%er that is the way it is.

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Re: Any sense to update RARflix?

Yeah, I don't think Plex likes these unauthorized apps, so I wouldn't be surprised if they broke it themselves. Certainly within their rights, but still a bummer. 

That said, I just fired up RARFlix on my Ultra and it still works. It's version 3.2.6, which I see was last updated in August of 2016, so not really up to date. Strike that, I just tried actually playing something, and every video fails. Looks like we're stuck with the official Plex channel. 


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Re: Any sense to update RARflix?

I finally got rid of Plex RARflix for Roku today. I only used it because I for the life of me could not figure out how to switch servers on the official Plex Roku app. However, after picking up the pieces again today, years later, I got server switching to work in the official app, FINALLY. No more switching between the official Roku app and this now dated RARflix app for Roku just to use different servers! Also, for one reason or another somewhere along the way this Plex RARflix app for Roku for me stopped supporting more than one stream at a time. If someone was streaming something anywhere and you tried to load RARflix, it would start up and then suddenly crash out and close itself. You literally had to terminate the other stream and wait a while before it would let itself work again. Wow, cannot believe I put up with this for the last year or two. I must be a busy person! The official Plex app for Roku has NO trouble with multiple streams at the same time. Happy as can be!!!

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