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After a few minutes to an hour roku good back to home screen

I have had this roku streaming stick for less than a year, and just  Recently the issue I am having I'm having is with hulu A and E and a few others that there's that anywhere from 1 or 2 minutes into the show upwards upwards of 30 minutes to an hour in hour into the show it's like you press the home button I do not hear no sounds or anything that it normally makes when you press the home button I have tried taking the batteries out of the remote and using my phone with the mobile app also I have unplugged it for over a minute restarted it I have removed the channels restarted restarted and put the channels back and still it does not fix it . something needs to be done we are paying money for the merchandise and then paying money for the streaming service which the merchandise  is not allowing me to watch


I have a picture of the info from pressing home X5 abdominal back X5 if n needed

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Re: After a few minutes to an hour roku good back to home screen

If you are powering your Roku by plugging into the USB port on the TV, try powering from house power via the USB power adapter that came with the Roku.

The USB ports on some televisions only supply 0.5 amp or less, which is not enough to power a Roku reliably. A Roku connected this way often appears to start up normally, but if it runs into an activity that requires more power than the USB port can deliver, something will fail, commonly taking you back to the home screen.

Possibly an update to either the Roku operating software or to some channel app software is using a little more power than in the past, triggering this problem.

If you don't have the Roku adapter handy, any other you have from another device should work as long as the fine print on it says it outputs at least 1 amp.

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Re: After a few minutes to an hour roku good back to home screen

Yep tried that an more,  I've even left it unplugged for like an hour (no power, and HDMI unplugged from tv....I started timing the glitch,  it seems that if it don't do it every few minutes an seems to be working, blam it does it, but,  and  its like every hour on the hour here recently. No matter where the power is coming from,  is there a way to get in touch with a roku tech person. 

Please help in about to go mad with this issue

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Re: After a few minutes to an hour roku good back to home screen


Thanks for the post.

Have you tried checking for a channel update? We would recommend selecting the Hulu channel on the Home screen, and then pressing the * button > Check for update, then seeing if the issue continues to persist.

Please keep us posted what you find out.


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