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two (pair) 3800 sticks WON'T work w/ DirectV NOW

We've BATTLED w/ this for 10 days now;

 INNUMERABLE "chats" w/ DirectV NOW "chat" (the ONLY "tech" support with AT@T DirectV NOW) and no sln to the "Must upgrade" to watch these DirectV NOW channels (all of them) along w/ error "code 30001-008" on all channels.

This is a MAJOR SNAFU as DirectV NOW has (and is) "acknowledging" the problem, but can't/won't/don't tell us (as customers) anything besides "this is a HIGH priority fix" and here's an example screenshot of some "chat":

Shawn: I can see that you have contacted us to help you with the Streaming issue in the ROKU ,Am I Correct?
Me: Yes, correct, every day for 6 days now.
Me: It's a Roku 3800 that was working just fine 2-years-straight ... until last Tuesday ... then DirectV NOW all-the-sudden gives error code
Me: We did all the re-boots and un/re-install the DirectV NOW app, multiple times, and today we're still getting the same-old 30001-008 error "must upgrade"
Shawn: Sure, I can help you with that.
Me: it sure SEEMS your DirectV NOW app is "still buggy" after 6 days
Me:  that, 'fixing the bug is HIGH priority" Lol!
Me: So it sure SEEMS that "maybe Susan isn't the ONLY customer" experiencing this outage?
Shawn: I do understand and at this moment we are having an Ongoing issue with all beloved customers over the ROKU and that is the reason we are getting the error.
Shawn: I would like to apologize for it.
Me: Susan (me myself) can "only guess at that"Lol!
Me: Ah, yes, it's more than "guess" then, it's fact Lol!
Shawn: Oops.
Shawn: I am sorry however my team is working now.
Shawn: We need you to give us a bit of time to get this issue addressed and fixed.
Me: IOW "Ongoing issue with all beloved customers over the ROKU" is fact, not just Susan's (i.e., ME] presumption?"
Me: Well, how long we wait might depend how much we pay, or get refund, or whatnot.
Me: Maybe you could lower the bill to $40/mo for three months, or something like that.
Me: Cause, if not, we might like Spectrum's TV/Internet offer better ...?
Me: Pluto channel get's kinda old quick Lol!
Me: Although History channel taught me more about WW1 than Kieser Wilhelm Lol!
Shawn: I I am sorry for that service inconvenience happened and I would like to apologize for it.
Shawn: BUt I can assure you that once we have fixed the issue you will see the changes for sure.
Me: It's ok. Thanks kindly.
Me: But should we switch to Spectrum now?
Me: Spectrum works w/ Roku, I've been apprised
Shawn: I am sorry to hear that, Please give us some time and I can really assure you that you will see the changes for sure.
Me: And so, b/f says he's "tired of waiting" and I'm pretty sure just getting our $50/plus tax refunded today.
Me: Do we transfer the billing/refund dept?
Shawn: I totally understand your concern and I am sorry we do not have the option to refund the amount.
Shawn: And Please give me a chance to sort it out.
Me: Ok, I think you just said you can't refund my money for a service was paid for and not delivered??
Me: I'm pretty sure you can't take a person's money and not provide the service. Other's I'm inclined would agree.
Shawn: I am sorry we do not have the option and If I have that I am happy to do that for you.
Me: What option?
Me: Oh, you mean "transfer?"
Shawn: No the option to refund the amount.
Me: So is there a reference number for Billing (i.e., refunds?)
Shawn: We do not have any Direct Voice Support.
Me: You are saying, even tho you can't provide the service, you won't refund our payment??
Me: That's a yes/no question.
Shawn: No we do not have the option to refund

So, it's HOPEFULLY obvious (by the sample screenshot portion of a "chat" with DirectV NOW "chat" team! above) what ") work just fine, on OTHER TELEVISIONS, no problem.

DirectV NOW just doesn't function properly, either of the two Roku sticks, on either of the TV's ... and this "problem"  HAPPENED TO BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY!!

We've TRIED EVERYTHING including factory re-sets and re-boots and re-installs &tc &tc &tc and STILL THE ONLY CHANNEL THAT WE PAY FOR WON'T YIELD ANYTHING BUT "30001-008 error" code. 

We've even created new user ID's and all kinds of crap. 

THIS IS A LOUSY WAY FOR AT@T DirectV NOW to treat us.

bugger off" and "we can't help you."
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Re: two (pair) 3800 sticks WON'T work w/ DirectV NOW

BTW, DirectV NOW channel is the only one we "pay" for, and we're only experiencing a problem with that ONE channel. 

That should be HIGHLY OBVIOUS, but there's virtually NOWHERE ON THE INTERNET to "report" such a serious issue... it's almost conspiratorial. 
And after DAYS of chasing this down, we're almost ready to say fully conspiratorial, beings the ONLINE "chat" is the ONLY way any customer can ever "speak" about any ISSUES with DirectV NOW. 

The DirectV NOW service doesn't work, and they've been refusing to refund us for "services promised yet never rendered." 
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: two (pair) 3800 sticks WON'T work w/ DirectV NOW

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Danny R.
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Re: two (pair) 3800 sticks WON'T work w/ DirectV NOW


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will pass your feedback along to the channel provider. 

That being said, Roku is a device platform. We do not have any insight into or control over, a technical issue that may be impacting content delivery within a channel caused by a channel's content delivery systems, etc. You will need to continue to work with the channel provider directly to report any such issues, and request additional assistance or escalation of any issue occurring only within their channel. DirecTV NOW support resources are available here:

Thanks again,
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Re: two (pair) 3800 sticks WON'T work w/ DirectV NOW

ah - thanks kindly ... didn't see this'd been moved but thanks for heads up
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