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Re: Can't log out of HBO Max to log into new HBO Max account

I have a similar problem.

I had HBO Max on Hulu, upgraded my Internet on AT&T & got HBO max free for a year.

So I cancelled my Hulu HBO and tried to change it to AT&T.

Since I didn't get a login prompt, I just put in my AT&T login & password.

This made Roku create another new account and charge me for it! :-(

Now I am being charged for w Roku accounts for about the next month (Hulu & Roku cancelled) and still have no idea how to get the Roku Ultra to log out of HBOMax and let me change the logon to be thru AT&T.

This "Choose your Icon" then scroll right" does *nothing* when I'm logged into HBOMax via the Roku Ultra.

How the heck can I change the account for Roku Ultra that HBOMax uses.

This is *not* easy and will have a lot of angry users creating new accounts in Roku that they don't need.

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Re: Can't log out of HBO Max to log into new HBO Max account

HBO Max Tech Support 1-855-442-6629.

Albert walked me thru step-by-step.

They are aware of this issue and am getting tons of calls.

1. Logon to HBOMax App on your TV (I use a Roku Ultra)

2. At top where it shows Browse, Q, then your initial, toggle to your initial till it shows something to the right of it (like your name).

3. Click OK

4. On Parental controls scroll using the > to far right & choose signout.

It will also show you what email is signed in below it.

It then told me it found a Roku Account to sign into it.

The Roku Account had been cancelled, but he told me to choose sign in anyway.

(I also removed my credit card from just to be sure that it wouldn't set up a different account)

It then asked me if I signed up thru a provider and I picked AT&T, it then displayed a code & asked me to go the and put the code there.

This worked for me changing a paid account from HULU (that I cancelled) to the AT&T free one that I just got for 12 months due to Internet 1000 upgrade.

Hope this helps.

If you have any problems call the HBO number at the top & they can walk you through it.

Mike in Texas

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Re: Can't log out of HBO Max to log into new HBO Max account

@PsiBolt the problem i continue to have is that I have #HBOMax thru my #ATT TVNow account (ATT’s app based tv). I get past the enter the code step and there is no provider login option to choose except #AT&T. I have an AT&T account for internet and my phone but my ATT TV Now account is paid separately to AT&T. Neither #HBOMax #Roku nor #AT&T have fixed this or even bothered to address it. So the HBOMax app is useless on my Roku TVs. 

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