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Level 7

Apps appearing and disappearing.

Lately I have noticed that apps that I didn't choose have showed up on my menu. Also, apps that I did load have disappeared or been cancelled without my input. I have received emails that several of the paid subscriptions that I have been cancelled without my input. So far, I have been able to reload the app or renew the subscription without too much hassle; though I did have to spend over an hour rebooting YouTube because I had misplaced the password.
What is really worrying me is that if a subscription like You Tube TV were to be cancelled by this glitch, it would cause actual damage. I would lose everything I had recorded on their DVR. What is going on??? Do I need to switch to another streaming method?

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Level 16

Re: Apps appearing and disappearing.

I would suggest logging into to your account (at and seeing if the Rokus listed there match your expectations.  A simple explanation would be that there are one or more Rokus on your account than you know about.

ie: a channel added or deleted from one Roku on an account, affects all Rokus on that account.