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Roku management or expert please.....

Hello, I hope a member of Roku management reads this post or that a Roku expert forward this post to an appropriate member of Roku management - thanks in advance...

I am the CEO of a nonprofit agency in Kansas that caters to the deaf/hard of hearing folks that are also homeless, battered, and most often critically mentally ill persons.  The COVID19 virus situation has tripled my need for services and, in the middle of our virus crisis, a total loss interior water flood ruined our interior Roku system which was quite extensive.  At this time, in interior goods alone, our loss is valued at well over 1/4 million dollars, so now we are financially strapped against the walls and cannot afford really any type of replacement "anything".  

My question is - who at ROKU can I email during this time of turmoil for everyone, possibly your CEO, or CEO's Assistant in order to ask for a true emergency donation of new products please??!!  Premium audio and vidio is critical to my agency, a "must" if you will - not truly a choice anymore.  I would appreciate all responses ASAP and because this is an emergency, you may email my agency back direct on:

text only, 785 380 8883

I would appreciate anyone's immediate help in this matter....



Erik, CEO, Designing People



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