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Cancel Peacock via Roku. I've tried all suggestions and am losing it

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I am losing my mind trying to cancel Peacock via Roku. I've read/done all of the suggestions on other posts and nothing is working. I only have one email address that this could be tied to - Peacock says no subscriptions, Roku says no subscriptions, how am I getting billed for something that does not exist on either platform? 

I pressed the * on the Peacock app on the Roku screen and removed the app. I can only imagine I am still going to get billed. There is ZERO way of contacting Roku about this, I've tried calling and there is no email address. I am not sure what else I need to do before looking into legal/class action - I just don't want to pay for a streaming service, you are getting a whopping $5 a month from me is that seriously worth creating a lambyrinth for people to navigate to cancel? LISTEN to all of the other people with the same issue... if everyone is having the same problem then FIX IT ON YOUR SIDE. 

I require a response to this either via email or on a private message. I am DONE with contacting your phone voicemail box that leads absolutely nowhere and following nonsensical directions to literally just cancel a subscription service. How can you be okay with treating customers like this? 

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Re: Cancel Peacock via Roku. I've tried all suggestions and am losing it

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Was it working? If you had not deleted it, it does show what email account it is tied to. From the home screen, go to the user icon on the upper-left and hit OK for the user screen. Choose account on the upper right. On the bottom left of the account screen is the currently logged in account.

If you reinstall Peacock, and it automatically logs in, then your Roku subscription is still active. You can verify your Roku account. From the Roku home screen, go to Settings/System/About. It will be at the bottom of the first screen, or if you hit right for more details, it is at the top.

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