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wired 4800 slow connection over ethernet connected to OutdoorRouter EZR33

I tested a brand new Ultra 2020 (Model 4800) with and EZR33 by OutdoorRouter .... my tested download speed over the ethernet was between and 21 and 30mbps when tested on my MacBook Pro.....  when I ran the Roku Network test is says <1mbps ....... I have had this same issues with two other Roku devices this week  (all NEW units) ... I was blaming  on a wifi issue so I went out and purchased a new Ultra today and ran a wired test but first I tested the speed hooked up to my laptop and even re-tested it with the ethernet cable that was to be connected to the Roku.....  anyhow..... this is getting to be a real puzzle here.....  I've recently seen a number of reports of slow wifi but I thought for sure a directed wired connection should see some progress in the available speed.  Perhaps this has to do with the operating system on the 4g LTE Router ..... it runs OpenWRT LuCI Master

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