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when using my ultra-Roku on wire connection

I got a major problem, when using my ultra-Roku on wire connection it interferes with other wireless connections. There is no way to disable the wireless transmit and it knocked out other wireless connections when it’s connected with a wire. When will you be able to fix this firmware problem so I can turn it off and use a wire connection? This is a very bad situation that needs to be addressed by the FCC if you do not fix the problem.

Roku Guru

Re: when using my ultra-Roku on wire connection

Disabling "Device Connect (Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Device connect) may give you some WiFi relief (it disables WiFi Direct, which may be overpowering your AP/other devices), but this can only be done with a non-paired remote (you can get a cheap universal/pre-programmed IR-only Roku-compatible remote for $5-15 at WalMart/Amazon/etc).

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