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roku premieir+ says starting video but pc says it couldn't connect

I'm new to Roku.  When i try to connect my PC windows 10 to my Roku Premier+ my PC says it can't connect but the roku displays a message that it is starting video from my PC but it never starts.  On my Roku the screen mirroring is set to prompt and my PC is listed in the screen mirroring device section. My PC has miracast: available, no hdcp.  Any ideas? Thanks

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Re: roku premieir+ says starting video but pc says it couldn't connect

@NeHa64 wrote:

... Any ideas?

Yeah, but you're not going to like it. Miracast hasn't really caught on. It's buggy. That's not to say "Well, that's just Mircacast" but do be aware that there's a reason that Android dropped Miracast support seven years ago.

Now, I've not used it, but only because that's not functionality that I care about. But I have followed along. I'm only chiming in as I am aware that it's functionality is sometimes problematic, and no one else has offered anything. I'm setting your expectations low. I do wish I had an answer to assist, but apart from resetting your expectations, my response may also bump the thread and give it visibility to those that may have something much more useful to offer.

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